Document Control Library

The Document library contains all your documents. Depending on your permissions you will be able to:

  • Read a document
  • Review a document
  • View document audit log
  • Add an ad-hoc comment
  • Change the expiry date (password and comment required)
  • Retire a document (password and comment required)
  • Change document description (password and comment required)

You can also view the stage of the document

  • Effective
  • Superseded
  • Retired
  • Expired
  • The document review stage (e.g. technical review)
  • Document Version

As a document creator you can edit and save your documents. When the new document is ready for review you can ‘sign-off’ the document and the reviewer will be automatically notified. You can track the progress of your documents as they pass through the review process. At any point a reviewer can reject a document and send it back to you, but they must provide a comment.  

The document library uses a folder-tree structure. The top folder usually defines documents types e.g. SOPs, Meeting, Notices etc. Users (and their permissions) are added to the folder. If a user is not added to the document folder they will not be able view or review any documents in that folder

Configuration of the document library is detailed under Administration

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