Terrington Data Management has added a new product to its software portfolio, OPAL (Open Project and LIMS). OPAL streamlines study plan and report generation. OPAL integrates core laboratory data from laboratory Information Management Systems (e.g. Watson LIMSTM), Electronic laboratory Notebooks (ELNs e.g. LabsForm/Labnotes) and other supporting systems (e.g. CRMs) into secure, pre-validated templates. OPAL consolidates data input and automatically generates plans and reports, negating the need for lengthy checking procedures.

Mark Williams Terrington’s Managing Director remarked;

“We are very excited about adding OPAL to our software portfolio.  OPAL offers our existing and new customers alike the opportunity to automate study report generation from our ELN, LabsForm, and any other computerised system, including Watson LIMS. We believe that OPAL will provide a largely unmet need for bioanalytical, pharmaceutical and CRO industries, whilst delivering significant efficiency gains and return on investment”

The system interface allows the user to generate Study Plans, and Study Reports using predefined, pre-validated templates. The user can decide the output variables from Watson LIMSTM using OPAL’s ‘Tables’ interface, all the user needs to input are the tests to be performed and the tables are generated automatically. Time spent checking and re-checking data is eliminated, saving up to 80% in the time required to generate a typical Validation report

Gregg Imrie, IT Services Manager at Unilabs York Bioanalytical Solutions and one of OPAL’s early adopters commented;

“In addition to improvements in QC/QA control, time saving was very important to us. Generation of validation reports is a good example as they tend to have a huge number of tables, especially multianalyte studies. We looked at the time taken for an analyst to generate the reports, with and without OPAL, a second analyst to review and then QA to do the spot checking. We found that for a typical single analyte study 2½ days’ work without OPAL was reduced to ½ day with OPAL”

OPAL is customised by Terrington developers to suit your exact requirements. This includes your study plans and report templates, your preferred formats your database configurations. For more information please visit: http://docdomain.com

To speak to us about OPAL or to take a look at Terrington’s demo system please contact Terrington +44 1904 567674 email info@terringtondm.com

About Terrington Data Management

Terrington Data Management provides specialist software solutions to a variety of international customers, including clients within Oil, Gas, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Manufacturing Sectors.

The company’s software is designed to securely store, collect and utilise business information in order to improve overall business work flow.

Labsform, DocMan and OPAL were developed to meet requirements of laboratory scientists working in tightly regulated bioanalytical laboratories to enhance productivity, streamline workflows and improve compliance. The software has since been used in laboratories across the world serving a variety of disciplines from R & D to clinical management.