The next generation of Terrington’s document management system – DocMan4 is coming soon. The new system provides enhanced document control from creation to issue whilst allowing the users more configurability, more flexibility, and more time to spend on core business activities.

Enhancements include:

  • All modern standard compliant browsers supported
  • Configurable multi-layered sections
  • Configurable review paths
  • Names and number of stages in the review path
  • Number of signature required at each stage in the path
  • ‘New Work’ page highlights documents to be read, reviewed, about to expired, expired etc. for the logged in user.
  • ‘Days to effective’, ‘Time until expired’ configurable & adjustable for each document version
  • Default values configurable for the whole system
  • These can be overridden when a document/version is actually created
  • These can be adjusted until the document becomes effective
  • Configurable folder & document naming – including use of sequential counters
  • Windows authentication – user access/authentication using the user’s windows credentials
  • Documents securely stored in the SQL server database
  • Word document accessed and editable through WebDAV

Look out for the DocMan4 website ( or enquire about the new version/book a demo