Configuration of the EDMS

DocDomain can be configured to match your specific document management requirements. In most instances the system administrator would configure the system global settings but if a user’s permissions allow it is possible for that user to configure folder and document access without necessary recourse to the system administrator.

Key administrative features include:

  • Configurable multi-layered sections
  • Permissions for managing documents at any level of section by document type
  • Configurable review paths
    • Names and number of stages in the review path
    • Number of signature required at each stage in the path
  • Review path assigned to document type on a section
  • Reviewers and primary reviewers configured on a section by document type
  • ‘Days to effective’, ‘Time until expired’ configurable and adjustable for each document version
    • Default values configurable for the whole system
    • These can be overridden when a document/version is actually created
    • These can be adjusted until the document becomes effective
  • Expiry date of an effective or effective (expired) document can be moved back
  • Configurable folder and document naming – including use of sequential counters
  • Windows authentication – user access/ authentication using the users windows credentials

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